About Us

We have 9 flavors of Gelato and always coming up with new ones.  If you’ve never had Gelato,  you owe it to yourself to try it.  Gelato is made with milk instead of cream, so it has 74% less fat than ice cream, and we use only the freshest of ingredients.  Our dairy free sorbet’s are like biting into a just picked piece of fruit, tasty and refreshing.
Buza also carries ice cream from Annabelle’s All Natural Ice Cream. We have twelve delicious varieties to choose from.  Along with Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee, maybe it’s time to try Fly Fishing Fudge, Cake Batter, or Peanut Butter Pie for something different.
Buza makes a great place to have a birthday party or any kind of special day; we can even make custom Gelato Cakes to help the celebration!
Come in for a taste test and find your favorites!  We change our flavors frequently so there’s always something new to experience.
Buza Dairy Bar
Mini Parfaits - made with gelato or ice cream - small size and price, but BIG FLAVOR - just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth

Our New Espresso Shake- Made with Espresso Gelato, topped with whipped cream & chocolate covered espresso beans

White Chocolate with Mascarpone & Blue Berry Sauce Gelato

We are always coming up with new treats, like Gelato Cake and Gelato Frozen Bars